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This page describes the unique approach Skypips FX takes in order to reach at high-quality trading decisions and to provide effective solutions for traders worldwide.

Nature of Investment
Skypips FX invests and trades in global financial market focusing on derivatives of traditional financial instruments.

Envisioned Return
The trading strategy employed by Skypips FX envisions an average monthly earning of 500 pips (a minimum of 100 pips).

Investment Portfolio
Skypips FX invests in CFDs in the following markets: 

- Forex (major, minor and exotic pairs)
- Commodities (metals, oil) 
- Stock Indices (US, Europe, Asia) 

Trading Style
The traders at Skypips FX are experienced investors with a preference to trade in short (itraday) and medium term ranges. Such an approach is in line with today’s dynamic and rapidly changing market conditions as well as subscriber preferences.

Trading Character
Since a conservative approach is considered to be less profitable, and an aggressive approach is proven to be risky, SkypipsFX analysts, supported by their past experience, prefer to trade on the mid-point of the risk appetite continuum, with a balanced and rigid approach to market conditions and risk management.

Analytical Methods 
The method of analysis utilized before making any trading decision relies both on fundamental (political, economic and financial news, industry reports, etc.) and technical (price movements, chart formations, trend analyses, etc.) indicators. 
However, the traders at Skypips FX strongly believe that technical analysis outperforms fundamental analysis, especially in the medium and long term. Accordingly, it is our firm belief that technical indicators as well as produced charts are eventually the result of, derived from and produced by fundamental aspects of the market. Since this trading style mostly focuses on short and medium-term ranges, reliance on fundamental vs. technical analysis is employed in blend proportion specified below: 
- Fundamental Analysis – 30%
- Technical Analysis – 70%

Analytical Tools 
The analysts at Skypips FX are independent traders with an expertise in quantitative and qualitative analysis methodologies. In order to make informed, evidence-based and effective decisions regarding trading, several technical analysis methods re utilized along with fundamental analysis inferences to support ultimate step to be taken:
Traditional Indicators: The traders utilize several traditional indicators, including, but not limited to, Moving Averages, Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Average Directional Index (ADX), Money Flow Index (MFI), Stochastic Oscillator, Parabolic SAR, Bollinger Bands, and Bill Williams’ Alligator.
Chart Formations: Analysis of charts, namely, candle patterns, channel movements, trend formations, support/resistance levels, reversal points with the support of such tools as Fibonacci Retracement Tool and Elliott Waves methodology provides excellent points for entry and exit when trading, all of which are also effectively used by the traders at Skypips FX.
Correlation Analysis: The fact that most financial instruments are correlated and respective prices move accordingly is a supportive tool for decision-making in financial market. Analysis of correlation among financial instruments is especially useful in basket approach aimed at risk minimization and profit maximization. Thus, the correlation analysis tool stands as one of the most reliable and most appealing analytical tools for the traders at Skypips FX.
Regression Analysis: The analysts also utilize regression analysis of data extracted from indicators of respective financial instruments. Regression analysis is known for its predictive power, which is used by Skypips FX traders to forecast future prices of the financial instruments on hourly, 4-hourly, or daily bases.
Expert Advisors: The analysts at Skypips FX are also apt at creating/coding their own expert advisors (EAs) with effective trading strategies applicable to almost all financial instruments. The closely monitored EAs will be an additional confirmatory tool used for effective, timely and minimum-risk trading. 

The traders at Skypips FX do not rely exceptionally on one of the analytical tools specified above, but employ a blend of strategies to finally formulate a trade decision.
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